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Who I am

It’s really simply that I had extensive back pain with physical ramifications of nerve damage and specialists informing me I was only going to deteriorate from here on. I was an independent woman and felt my feminist attributes of having it all together, was indestructible. Life had other plans. I was torn apart when I began to spiral into hopelessness. I was lost, homeless and broken, although also grateful at the great transformational period This meant my traumas, that I thought, I really dealt with, were surfacing, ready to be felt. I didn’t find any other Yoga had the elements of true compassion. I am now free of back pain. My reality is shifting and changing most days. I feel alive, awake and nurtured. I feel grounded, and able to manage my life. I am now teaching this Yoga and will be taking it to the only world wide home for HIV clients within the public health system.

— Norma Saba

I offer you

  • Crystal Oracle Group Readings
  • Crystal Transmissions and Healings
  • One on one Sessions
  • Workshops (Oversea as well)


Dear Friends.

I found the online program for ‘Healing Trauma’...I host, required much much more, including the space of nurturing, that clients deserve.

In this program there will be firm boundaries of safety and specific pre requisites, that I strictly adhere to for the benefit of everyone involved.

Going through this myself, experientially, I know I had support around me that was both compassionate and tender, when I required and other times, a bit of a firm but gentle nudge to snap out of my powerlessness.

Get more details about the program here and the location here and feel free to contact me.

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