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Who I am

Maria is an Environmental Scientist and Chakra Evolution Yoga Teacher. After she finished her B.A. in Natural Science at Trinity College Dublin she moved to England where she continued her studies at Lancaster University to obtain her doctorate in Environmental Science and worked for a number of years. It was during this time that Maria first began to practice yoga, becoming hooked after joining a Chakra Evolution Yin Yoga class to complement the stresses of her more yang based lifestyle of studying, working, travelling and athletic training.

Maria is specifically drawn to this discipline of yoga that works with our energy centres not only because of the physical benefits but steeped in ancient traditions, it provides learning, skills and healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual level applicable to the present day and to real life.

Maria provides a number of services in Belfast, UK and also in Kildare and the wider Leinster region, Ireland.  Services include 1:1 yoga, small group private yoga, yoga classes and workshops, sports specific yoga and massage.

Every Friday Night Maria provides a Chakra Evolution Yoga Class in Nass, Co Kildare. To book, learn of promotions & offers or to find out more please get in touch via Facebook, email or phone – Maria would be delighted to hear from you!

Namaste x

— Maria Hogarty

I offer you

  • Chakra evolution yoga classes
  • One to one yoga
  • Chakra evolution for sports
  • One to one sports

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