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Who I am

Hi, I’m Jackie! My journey into yoga began perhaps in the opposite direction to most. I have been committed to a deep journey of self discovery that has taken me all over the world. Always adverse to yoga as so much of what I saw in the yoga world just involved only physical asanas. I came across Collette Corcoran on my spiritual path, frustrated with certain blocks within myself in my practice. Blocks which could only be accessed through emotional release through my physical body. I had no idea that yoga could access such deep and real parts of myself and that I could find a teacher that could help take me there.

Practicing yoga has helped me to unravel a deeper relationship with myself, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am not your typical yogi, and have found a space to shift and move deep physical patterns and injuries, I have found strength where I didn’t know I had it, and have accessed parts of my emotional self that I haven’t been able to reach any other way.

I hope to share with others my journey into yoga, whether purely for the physical benefits, stress relief, strength, flexibility and breath awareness, or as a way to access deeper emotional and soulful parts of yourself. Yoga can be whatever you need it to be if you give yourself permission to be yourself.

I have a background in Physiotherapy and am an Anat Baniel Method – NeuroMovement® practicioner with a continuing interest to be always learning what the body can show me and look forward to sharing this with you!

— Jackie Dodd

I offer you

  • Chakra evolution classes
  • One to one yoga
  • Neuromovement — Anat baniel method lessions
  • TML — Transfomational movement lessions
  • Awakened movement

Contact me

  • +61 415 869 868
  • Awakened Movement