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Who I am

My journey with yoga has been intense & amazing. I’m not your average flexible yogi, and this has never been my goal. I tried many yoga classes from the age of 17, in gyms and leisure centres…but all resembled fitness classes more than yoga and I just couldn’t find what I was searching for. From the moment I stepped in the Urban Buddha that all changed. I felt a strong community vibe and part of something I had longed for.

Practicing yoga has allowed me to stop being afraid of my physical body, emotions & energy. Alongside my yoga practice I am also committed to doing deep spiritual practice, which has allowed me to blossom even further into myself. My desire is to take yoga back to its roots with a modern twist, and to use yoga in the way it was intended for the body, mind & soul to come into a place of ease rather than dis-ease. I’m not interested in how flexible you are; I’m not an asana focused teacher. I want to share with you what yoga allowed for me, which was to find myself, a version of me I knew existed under all that day to day ‘me’ I thought I was. I am a trained holistic massage therapist and am keen to use physical manipulation and adjustments in my classes to aid you.

There is much to be learnt as we take a voyage of self-discovery, through unlocking the binds of the physical body. Come and join me on this adventure.

— Iysha Barrett

I offer you

  • Chakra Evolution Yoga (classes, workshops & retreats)
  • One to one yoga
  • Small group yoga
  • Online courses
  • Sacred Sound Weaving
  • Massage (Deep tissue, fusion & chakra massage)

Contact me

  • +44 796 6068491
  • sacred-weaving.com