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About 10 years ago, I started with yoga classes. While I first – like so many – was drawn to the physical benefits yoga offers, I also recognised the calming effect of yoga on the mind and its effects on improved health – mainly the respiratory system for me. I perceived Yoga as a holistic system bringing together physical body, breath, and mind.

While practising yoga enriched my life already then, I kept searching and found the missing parts of the puzzle in the Urban Buddha Yoga Studio in Lancaster. Rooted in ancient yoga practices, Chakra Evolution Yoga aims to teach its students balance not only on a physical and mental, but also on a spiritual and emotional level.

I see my role as a yoga teacher in guiding my students based on their unique requirements and needs. The teacher-student relationship is a joint journey of giving and receiving to discover your own path to the truth. As an inclusive approach, this yoga style is concerned about all people regardless of their previous experiences.

Building on years of physical yoga training, my experiences as a teacher in higher education and after following the Chakra Evolution Yoga Teacher Training, my style of yoga integrates the important but nowadays often overseen elements of spiritual and emotional growth and healing into the physical yoga practice.

— Helena Wenninger

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  • Yin Yoga Classes
  • One-to-one Yoga Sessions
  • Workshops

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