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This is my story how I fell in love with yoga… In 2014 yoga became a big part of my life as it was a natural medicine for me to tackle my depression.A sequence of events found me at my lowest – I was severely depressed when My fiancé had left, I packed my life up and returned to my home country for support from my family and friends, and after a week being home I found out I was pregnant. My life seemed to be at a very low point yet my inner feeling was to turn to a more natural approach in healing through naturopathy, meditation, and when I was at 14 weeks pregnant, I started pre-natal yoga. Having had the random yoga class over the years I knew a little bit about yoga, yet on my drive to my first pre natal class I burst into tears and drove straight back home and curled up into bed and just cried. It took time for me to start this ‘new’ life, and once I did , I was practicing yoga up to 5 times a week and going to two weekly meditation classes. Yoga helped me breathe into my body and allow fresh new vibrant energy to circulate my system having a huge impact on my mental state.

Towards the end of my pregnancy I was feeling the best I had felt in years, yet as all new mums and dads know when your gift of love arrives into the world, things get tough. Being a solo mum I felt quiet overwhelmed, yet I loved being a mum to this little creature but the challenges returned. I feel back into a dark hole, and then slowly slowly started to piece things back together.

I returned to yoga maybe once, or if I was lucky twice a week, and even practiced at home when my little boy was sleeping although I felt I needed a teacher. I was being drawn more to Yoga as my body, mind and soul knew it needed it. Then through a friends recommendation I came into contact with Collette Oonah Corcoran, the creator and director of Chakra Evolution. Collette has put her life learnings and teachings into offering this deep emotional healing yoga and soul guidance. I initially started with completing Chakra Evolution 1 online,  which was my introduction into the transformational work that Collette offers, and went onto a second round of it also, and since I could see how much I was changing for the better and seeing my life around me change, I felt I needed to also spread this love for life and healing onto others.

The deep inner work is where the lasting soul based changes come. Its where the emotional body is freed which allows you to access parts you you never thought possible. Our bodies know exactly what we need to heal, we just need to learn to listen. And I have been listening deeply to the call of what my body needs through Yoga.

In April 2018 I completed my teacher training with Collette in Bali, and am now able to share this life changing experience with others. This yoga outweighs anything I have ever practiced as it accesses the points in which we hold onto our emotions and frees them up.

Born in Australia, and constantly on the move as my family is scattered around the globe so am happy to be able to share my journey as a Chakra Evolution Teacher around the Globe x

— Daniella Liaris

I offer you

  • Chakra Evolution classes
  • One to one yoga
  • Connection to Gaia floral workshops
  • Women’s circles

Contact me

  • +47 98612981
  • Daniella Liaris
  • @daniella_liaris