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Who I am

I read this brilliant quote,

If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree.

We are contained by our thoughts, in knowing we are not a tree, we can make choices, move. Doing nothing is a choice and fear can hold us stuck in the same place we have always lived or we can choose to move into our soul where we can listen, hear, speak truth, trust, create, love, become intuitive from this place. The unknown is full of infinite possibilities and can feel daunting to me, yet it is the very same place where God creates! What seeds have been so deeply planted within you, the roots holding you stuck from moving elsewhere?

Chakra Evolution has changed my life, shows me how I can move where I am numb, stagnate and lost.

I am forever grateful to Collette and the whole Chakra Family, supporting, loving, holding, helping and showing me I can break through, avoiding that which I do not want to see and facing it for the reality which it is, with daily practice and continually working on myself I can feel the veil of how I see myself mirrored through my triggers in others continually lifting, awakening me. In listening and following my soul, becoming the witness to the endless possbilies that awaits aligned with God.

Follow your soulful heart and see where it leads you, enjoying along the way, the play-ground God and Gaia created for us to live, learn, love and experience each breath in. Play brings passion to my life! What brings passion to you? How can you introduce this into your life daily?

We all have purpose to seek out and action if you feel the call get in touch our family is expanding all over the world so please reach out to anyone here eager to teach.

Blessings, love and Light

— Dana Ivosevich