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The Planetary Grid

The planetary grid is a living consciousness matrix ( earths holographic conscious body) that is encoded with the blueprint; the original instructional divine plan for all humans. It is encoded with yours and the whole of humanities spiritual evolution. Your own divine blueprint is accessible through this network. To align with this blue print you must access, activate and embody the sacred geometry that connect to this grid.

We often see spiritual workers/ healers offering sessions to access this for you… However these are times now that you are being asked to step into you own inner guru, into your own power to access all that is within you. You just need to be shown how!

This is a seven week course that will show you how to access the sacred geometries in your body via the chakra system. You will be given sacred to do every day, practices that you will complete devotionally each day (30- 45 minutes) that work with each chakra to activate, open, embody and connect to the grid.

You will have access to a private forum where you can share your experiences with others.

The Cost for the full course is £150. There is no start date, as soon as you are ready to commit the materials and instructions will be sent via your email and you can start in your own time. Email: hello@chakra-evolution.com to register.