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Teacher training

The Moon Series

The Philosophy

CHAKRA EVOLUTION is an evolutionary Yoga Teacher Training programme, rooted in the true roots of yoga. Yoga is a system of union and a healing of the physical, spiritual and emotional systems of the body. It is SACRED BODY WORK, enabling a multidimensional healing experience, a connectedness to the deepest layers of our true self: the emotional self, the spiritual self and the soulful self. Its role is to unify the mind and ego, so that peace and love reign within us.

Yoga is not just the act of doing but the state of being and living. This Yoga Teacher Training Programme has been developed to train a new and ancient lineage of yoga teachers/sacred body workers, who are concerned about the welfare of ALL of humanity. They know their purpose is to help others heal and to provide a way for people to connect to the deeper layers of the self to be able to heal all aspects. The Moon Series teaches stillness and presence, it allows for a deep healing experience, this is a complete experience of sacred healing through the most ancient of all systems- the chakra system.

“I believe that this Teacher Training has the power to change Yoga as we know it, to show the western world that yoga is more than asana, that it is sacred body work with the ability to begin to completely heal what they never even existed within them. I have for many years experiences the profound release, healing and life changing occurrences of this yoga system on my clients lives and I am honoured to pass on this sacred healing work to those who feel it is their souls purpose to assist with the healing of others.”

Collette has been practicing Yoga for  21 years, she is founder and owner of  The Urban Buddha Yoga Studio in Lancaster, UK. Trained in many styles of Yoga and teaching a variety of styles, Collette created a yoga that enabled her to teach her deep love of spiritual philosophy and her ability to bring emotional releases and self – healing to all her yogis. The class in which she taught this style of yoga was called Higher self yoga, it allowed her students to access deeper parts of themselves; free their physical bodies, their spirit bodies, their souls and hearts. Spiritual philosophy enriched the classes to allow for more awareness and understanding of ‘the self’. Her classes soon became very busy; full of people looking for emotional healing, physical healing, respite from the world and to release their stress.

The Teacher

This Teacher Training Programme is rooted in Collette’s knowledge of physical asana and its relation to the emotional body. If you want become a Yoga teacher who is interested in the spiritual aspect of Yoga, deeply concerned about the well being of all people, want to learn the anatomy of asana and how it affects the body, use the chakra system to access emotional healing as well as physical healing – then this is for you! The Moon Series is rooted in yin energy, stillness and depth.

The Schedule

The training will be an intensive two week programme! You will commit to 200 hours training. This will involve an 8 am start and a 8pm finish, only stopping to eat and there will be no days off! You will be working late in the evening on your class plans and assessments. At the end of the two weeks there will be practical assessments, a written examination and a submission of a final written class plan and homework journal. If your planning on sight seeing then I suggest you book in time after this training.


This programme has obtained certification by Yoga Alliance (yogaalliance.org), which is an internationally acclaimed yoga authority and will allow you to teach all over the world.


The cost of the training is £2,999. Price includes all tuition accommodation (shared basis), food – brunch and an evening meal, training resources and certification / registration with Yoga Alliance. The price does not include flights and transfers.

The deposit of £500 is non-returnable on booking. If a cancellation is made less than 30 days no refunds will be given. If a cancellation is done less than 60 days before the start of the retreat 50% of the cost will be refunded.

Upcoming Trainings

  • Teacher Training

    March 31st – April 15th 2019 in France
    £500.00 Book your space!