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You can choose to become a part of the Chakra Evolution Movement by taking the online courses and / or attending the Chakra Evolution Yoga Teacher Training...

Online Courses

Chakra Evolution 1

Online Healing Journey through the Chakras
  • Chakra Wisdom
  • Healing Meditations
  • Pranayama
  • Mantra
  • Affirmation
  • Energy exercises
  • Yoga

An online forum to share your experiences, with daily feedback from your soul guide Collette Oonah Corcoran.

This will radically transform you from the inside out, impacting the world around you.

Availiable in English, Turkish and German

Chakra Evolution 2

A Multidimensional Journey through the Self
  • Color Pranayama
  • Sound Resonance
  • Frequency Stimulation
  • Sacred Geometry Activation
  • Essential Oil Meditation
  • Crystal Healing Meditation
  • Platonic Shapes Actvation
  • Healing Meditations
  • Yoga

7 Month online course into the next frequency of the chakras, taking you deeper into your inner multidimensionality, unlocking your innate healing abilities

Chakra Evolution 3

Journey through the Shadow and Light

A 7 month journey through the SHADOW and LIGHT aspects of the physical, emotional and spiritual map of your healing potential -The Chakras.

This journey will guide you through the archonic energies that enslave you at the very root of the chakras, and open the gateways to the angelic energies that await to guide you to open your 8th chakra.

This is advanced work for those who have done some deeper emotional healing work with their chakra systems. An online forum with Guidance from Collette Oonah Corcoran supports all the work given during the entire course.

Teacher Training

Teacher Training

The Moon Series

The training will be an intensive two week programme! You will commit to 200 hours training. This will involve an 8 am start and a 8pm finish, only stopping to eat and there will be no days off! You will be working late in the evening on your class plans and assessments. At the end of the two weeks there will be practical assessments, a written examination and a submission of a final written class plan and homework journal.

This programme has obtained certification by Yoga Alliance, which is an internationally acclaimed yoga authority and will allow you to teach all over the world.