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Chakra Evolution 2

A Multidimensional Journey through the Self

7 Month online course into the next frequency of the chakras, taking you deeper into your inner multidimensionality, unlocking your innate healing abilities. This seven month intensive will involve working with meditation, pranayama, crystals, essential oils, sound and colour frequencies, sacred symbolism and sacred geometry. This works to bring the geometry into the body, alchemic activation of the bodies innate geometry.

The whole of the course is designed to bring our multidimensional  self in alignment with our original resonation. Uncovering all that blocks us from the frequencies of our unique souls song and connection to our composer ‘Beloved God’.

Each chakra will include

Healing Meditations


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I truly believed that I was on a spiritual journey when I spent more than 20 years of reading new age books and reciting positive affirmation. Still, my life wasn’t any different. When I met Collette, I have just picked myself up from yet another low point. I had read what other people were experiencing, yet was bypassing my own. Meeting Collette, even in those early stages before she went on her deeper journey, something deeply touched my soul. Her classes, her 1:1, her guidance was resonating with my soul from the first moment. Collette is deeply rooted and embodied in everything she is teaching. From the first moment I have met her, she was only interested to guide me closer to my truth and essence. But the choice was mine – either I go through the gritty stuff and work on everything which is stopping me to become who I truly am, or just stay at the surface level. I have since become one of her yoga teachers, done Chakra Evolution online courses and been part of beautiful Awakening Divine Feminine retreat. There is so much more which needs to be embodied and rooted in me, before deeper- lasting changes can occur. I am aware of that. My work as a hospice nurse have taken a different dept. I am still birthing new projects and learning new skills, but this time I’m doing more through my own experiences, than just reading books. I highly recommend all Collette’s work. For those who are ready to the work on themselves and face those less pretty parts. Her guidance is gentle and fierce at the same time. Her deeply rooted connection to God is beautiful. It is not about belief or Religion you find when working with her, but rather a deeper connection to your own essence and creator.