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Chakra Evolution 1

Online Healing Journey through the Chakras

7 months of Chakra Wisdom Healing Meditations Pranayama, Mantra, Affirmation, Energy exercises and Yoga. An online forum to share your experiences, with daily feedback from your soul guide Collette Oonah Corcoran.

This is deep excavation into the psyche, into the energy centres that contain so much of your physical and emotional blockages. This deeper work really addresses those parts of you that need to change; the shadow self, the disconnected self. The practices allow for an unsticking of your old ways and the lessons in life that keep coming back to you. This will radically transform you from the inside out, impacting the world around you.

You will be given a monthly calendar which will indicate the practice to do on each day, a whole range of practices is included in this very comprehensive course:

There will be a secret forum opened for you to share your daily observations, realisations and transitions as these sacred energy centres are stimulated and remembered. Collette will offer her intuitive insights and embodied wisdom on all of your postings, really helping you cut through all problems and resistances.

This course has changed many lives (read the testimonials!) and could change…

Blessings Collette Oonah Corcoran

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