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Dear Yoga

Published February 27, 2020
Dear Yoga_Iysha Barrett_Chakra Evolution_Sacred Weaving

Dear Yoga, 

I am raging, I am screaming, I am angry!
I love you. I am sorry that you’re being made a commercial tool for egos, for bypassing and for monetising every last corner of your sacredness. 
I hate to see the way you are being made a joke, I hate how your name is being used to promote everything you are not. 
I am saddened to see you being made into nothing more than a fitness commodity. 

Dear Yoga, 

I love you. I am sorry that we are so blind by your truth, that we are unable to see the power you have, and are afraid of what that power truly means. 
I hate to see the way you are being stripped back, used as a tool for us to forget ourselves, for us to big ourselves up, for us to show ourselves in fancy postures whilst posing in scantily clad attire. 
I am sad. 

Dear Yoga, 

You saved my life, you allowed me to emote, you made me feel, you made me more real. 

Dear Yoga, 
I love you & I honour you. 

I am sick of seeing people using the term yoga for so much which isn’t yoga. I feel so blessed to be a teacher of Chakra Evolution, where yoga is in its truth, the ancients weren’t using yoga to show off their best headstand, to get high, to rave, to numb out and forget their pain, .
Yoga was a tool designed to help free the physical body and in turn the emotional body. It wasn’t a tool for our egos, for our bullshit. 
Tears fall from my eyes as I mourn the loss of what was once so sacred, as I find ownership in my part in this and in losing sight of what yoga truly is and means to me. 

In love to yoga & all it is in it’s deepest darkest rawness
Iysha x