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I am here in France on a deeper soul mission following the guidance I have gained from going deep in my years of yoga practice. My yoga has changed of latter years, and I feel that’s a good thing. We should always be in a cycle of evolution, we are evolving souls and those of us on a spiritual path are well aware that that means change, that letting go means change… it is not just a new age concept, a statement used by yoga teachers that echoes in the corridors of meaninglessness! What does letting go really mean? How many teachers have said that to you? How many teachers have said that to you who still hold on? To their own old patterns of behaviour? Their old ways of teaching, their old teaching styles? Their old lives? How many yogis and teachers are really evolving and letting go. Yoga, the union of mind, body and soul invokes a transformation – that means change. It means  letting go of the old, embracing the new. It’s a cycle of death and rebirth.

 So sit with this for a while in meditation:

 Are you really letting go?

Does your world look the same as it did say a year ago?

What needs to change that stays the same and doesn’t bring more love into your life?

What things are you doing in the same way?

What has not changed in years that should?

Where are you sitting in safety

Does your Teacher/Guide evolve? change?

Are they working on their soul?

Are they doing the same thing they were doing years ago?

Are they teaching the same thing/style/philosophy/ yoga?

Are they sitting in safety?

The day of the Guru and Teacher is over! The time of the guide who walks, the walk, talks the talk, who lives in love and evolution, who invokes change without elevating themselves. Whose lives are living proof that they are ‘living the yoga’ not just ‘doing the yoga’! I know this will trigger a lot of ‘teachers’ out there! And anyone who has done any soul work knows that the trigger is a great teacher…so let it guide you rather than provoke a projection.

Yoga in its asana form is a deeper entry into the soul, into the work of the inner kingdom. It is a revolution that changes you to the core, it is not asking for perfection but asking for change. Yoga will transform your 3D life, nothing remains the same.

My yoga has gone from a mainly physical practice (and there were many woundings around why!) to a more inner practice. External physical to internal spiritual. I have moved through the layers, physical to emotional to spiritual, into self realisation and God realisation. The journey has been nothing ‘love and light’ but completely about exposing ‘fear and dark’ for the true growth lies within the darkness any true seeker of truth knows that. The depths of the journey are an exploration into your own truth: how truthful are you willing to be about yourself, your soul state, your addictions, your cover ups, your unloving behaviours, your repressed emotions, your ‘happiness’? We all can wear the mask of false ‘happiness’ false ‘gratitude’, but few of us are willing to expose the gritty sadness of our true soul state.

The Chakra Evolution Teacher Training is a program designed to enable teachers to do exactly that.. to go beyond the physicality of the asanas, into the deeper emotional aspects of the physical body, into the spiritual, discovering layers of the self until you meet God. This is the ancient system of yoga, not the western yoga as we know it now. We now have Teachers all over the world delivering this ancient body of yoga, they too have gone through a lot of soul work, a lot of their own darkness, exploring their truths with provocation and triggers! They are still evolving, still messy, still happy to reveal their truths and not carry the detrimental bypassing philosophy of the new age movement ‘We are one, be positive, one love!’ They have showed their darker aspects, their shadows and are aware (as much as you can be) of the way they behave in unloving ways. They have worked through deep layers of their ego In order to be able to be embodied enough to teach this work. They are ready to take you through layers of yourself should you be ready:

Our family

This Teacher Training is for those of you who wish to delve into the self on a deeper level, who deeply care about others enough to want to invoke change. This is not for the Yoga Teacher who want to teach yoga as an egotistical way of fulfilling themselves or being seen, but for those who want to serve on a deeper level.

The training is not easy, it will ask everything of you, it will change who you are and what you have become accustomed to feel safe with.

Teacher Training


I developed the CHAKRA EVOLUTION ONLINE courses as a way of reaching people that could not attend my workshops, retreats or classes. They operate on a 7 month basis, each month bringing a new chakra forward to heal. They encompass many levels of spiritual work, all which I have been through and embodied:

Chakra Evolution 1

Seven months of Chakra Wisdom Healing Meditations Pranayama, Mantra, Affirmation, Energy exercises and Yoga. An online forum to share your experiences, with daily feedback from your me.

This is deep excavation into the psyche, into the energy centres that contain so much of your physical and emotional blockages. This deeper work really addresses those parts of you that need to change; the shadow self, the disconnected self. The practices allow for an unsticking of your old ways and the lessons in life that keep coming back to you. This will radically transform you fro the inside out, impacting the world around you.

You will be given a monthly calendar which will indicate the practice to do on each day, a whole range of practices is included in this very comprehensive course:

  • Chakra Yoga
  • Asana practice
  • Information on each Chakra
  • Pranayama
  • Mudra
  • Mantra
  • Sacred Energy exercises
  • Meditations:
  • Healing, Connecting, Removing
  • Inner child work
  • Shadow work
  • Deeper connection to The Beloved
  • Clearing energy practices and tools
  • Spirit release
  • Third eye / psychic centre activation
  • Connecting with Guardian Angels
  • Working with Triggers and The Mirror

There will be a secret forum opened for you to share your daily observations, realisations and transitions as these sacred energy centres are stimulated and remembered. I will offer my intuitive insights and embodied wisdom on all of your postings, really helping you cut through all problems and resistances.

Chakra Evolution 1 Online Course


Chakra Evolution 2

Is a 7 Month online course into the next frequency of the chakras, taking you deeper into your inner multidimensionality, unlocking your innate healing abilities. This seven month intensive will involve working with meditation, pranayama, crystals, essential oils, sound and colour frequencies, sacred symbolism and sacred geometry. This works to bring the geometry into the body, alchemic activation of the bodies innate geometry. The whole of the course is designed to bring our multidimensional self in alignment with our original resonation. Uncovering all that blocks us from the frequencies of our unique souls song and connection to our composer ‘Beloved God’.

Each chakra wil include:

  • Full Yoga Sequence
  • Colour Pranayama
  • Chakra Sound Resonance
  • Binural Frequency Stimulation
  • Sacred Geometry Activation
  • Essential Oil Meditation
  • Crystal Healing Meditation
  • Platonic Shapes Activation

Healing Meditations

  • Chakra 1 – Conception and birth
  • Chakra 2 – Souls Blueprint and balancing the Yin & Yang
  • Chakra 3 – Archetypes and Sub-personalities, the I am
  • Chakra 4 – Connecting to the mystic Heart and Alchemy
  • Chakra 5 – Death
  • Chakra 6 – The Master within
  • Chakra 7 – Christ Consciousness


  • Chakra – Rebirth
  • Chakra 2 – Souls Blueprint
  • Chakra 3 – Ego / Shadows Voice
  • Chakra 4 – Collective Consciousness Healing – Heart Empathy Share Suffering
  • Chakra 5 – Death
  • Chakra 6 – The Master within
  • Chakra 7 – Unity Consciousness

Chakra Evolution 2 Online Course

This is an evolution of consciousness, deeply rooted in the 3D, chakra evolution is about real change that is visible and measurable in the real world.

The whole team here is ready to help you deepen In your journey in anyway we can .

In truth and Service

Collette Oonah Corcoran.