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Fear Therapeutic Meditation

March 16, 2020 from Collette

HOPE THIS HELPS ANYONE SUFFERING WITH FEAR ANXIETY AND PANIC xx  We are part of a collective, no one no matter how ‘enlightened’ you are is immune from the energy of fear as it races through our world. Shadow will defend your behaviour now, so its important you have the humility enough to ask yourself…

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Dear Yoga

February 27, 2020 from Iysha
Dear Yoga_Iysha Barrett_Chakra Evolution_Sacred Weaving

Dear Yoga,  I am raging, I am screaming, I am angry!I love you. I am sorry that you’re being made a commercial tool for egos, for bypassing and for monetising every last corner of your sacredness. I hate to see the way you are being made a joke, I hate how your name is being used…

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The Breath….

from Iysha
The Breath_Iysha Barrett_Sacred Weaving

Each breath we take says either yes or no to life, in each breath we have the capacity to choose to consciously breathe, through this process it is possible to have control over the state of mind, health and overall wellbeing. As someone who has always struggled with breathing, learning techniques of breath through yoga has…

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September 6, 2018 from Collette

I am here in France on a deeper soul mission following the guidance I have gained from going deep in my years of yoga practice. My yoga has changed of latter years, and I feel that’s a good thing. We should always be in a cycle of evolution, we are evolving souls and those of…

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